ALBECO SH.P.K. your partner in the Edlira Project, is a sound company with deep roots in the Albanian economical life.

Founded in 1992, Albeco SH.P.K. headed immediately towards the service sector, providing the Albanian consumers with a range of goods from the most basic to home appliances and various home textiles.

Invited as a partner and exposant in various International Fairs, such as Domotex, the Canton International Fair and others, Albeco Sh. P. K. has enjoyed the recognition of global Peer companies like LANO N.V. , Sofiteks and others. The Company has imported goods and appliances from a wide spectrum of countries  including China, Korea, VietNam, Belgium, Germany, France, Slovenia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and is eyeing other occasions to fulfill the needs of the Albanian and regional market.

In the brink of its 20th anniversary, Albeco Sh. P. K. expands its offer into a new venture providing a golden opportunity in Saranda: the “Edlira Project”.